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Join Our Community

We are looking for women to become members of our Elevate community! Membership is open to current, past and future members of the aviation industry, any age, and any career. 

Member Perks

  • Networking, mentoring and support system. Our members have the opportunity to connect with each other on a professional and personal level to share stories and experiences.
  • Inspire other women and girls to enter into the industry. Elevate members receive exclusive training to learn how to represent Elevate Aviation on speaking engagements and career fairs.
  • Events that will Elevate you! Members-only monthly events that will leave you feeling motivated, empowered and educated. Each event features a special guest speaker with different topics of professional development. The best part is that these events are included in the membership fee!
  • Free gifts! You will get a small welcome gift from the Elevate team as well as a free Women in Aviation calendar each year. You will also have access to discount codes for our fundraising events such as the yearly launch event in Edmonton each fall.
  • ***Coming soon**** access to an Elevate community forum where you can meet other women from around the globe, connect with others in your career, and see job postings. If you are just entering the industry you can ask for advice and tips from professionals! 

Members are from all over the world. All of the empowerment events are broadcasted on Zoom so you will not miss out on the courses or speakers, no matter what city you are in! 



The membership fee is $50 per year. That's less than $5 a month! 

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