Elevate Aviation Empowerment Program

Within our community women often face challenges such as health issues, physical and mental abuse, and financial stress. This combined with lack of support prevents them from obtaining the education or training needed to secure a successful and fulfilling career. Therefore, all too often, the need to care for a family and themselves, forces these women to stay in unsafe or unhealthy situations.

In an effort to help end this cycle for the many vulnerable women in our communities, the Empowerment Fund seeks to provide these women with the information and resources needed to consider and obtain a career within the aviation industry. From visiting women in transition and safe houses, to one on one mentoring, women in vulnerable sectors can learn about the careers available to them and have the valuable support of women who work within the aviation field. The Empowerment Fund also provides financial support to help with the financial burdens that frequently prevent these women from achieving their career and education goals. The Empowerment Fund makes dreams a reality through its mission of elevating women in vulnerable sectors into a career in aviation.

We are able to provide this program through fundraising, generous donations, and support from sponsors.

We rely on your donations to achieve our goals and continue our programs. Please consider making a contribution. Every dollar counts!


Elevate Aviation is proud to give back to our community whenever possible through fundraising and volunteer efforts

Since 2015 we have committed to giving more to our community with the help of our sponsors and fundraising campaigns.

Lois Hole Hospital for Women

With proceeds from our calendar and launch events, Elevate Aviation, in partnership with Nav Canada, has donated $76,000 to the Lois Hole Hospital for Women.

Changing Stories

In 2015 Elevate Aviation donated $10,000 to Changing Stories mission, which helped build a safe play area for children in El Salvador.