Bursary Program

Women who show exceptional potential but who are unable, because of financial or other reasons, to support themselves through the training process can apply to the following bursary programs:

Air Traffic Services Program

The Air Traffic Services program is open to women residing in Canada who wish to pursue careers as Tower Air Traffic Controllers, Area Air Traffic Controllers, Flight Service Specialists.

This program is customized on an individual basis.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Program

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Program is open to women residing in Canada who have been accepted and enrolled into an accredited AME training program. 

A bursary in the amount of up to $500 will be awarded to successful applicants. 

Pilot Program

Contact us at info@elevateaviation.ca for more information on the pilot program.

Are you Eligible?

What we are looking for in the chosen candidates:

  • Passion for learning

  • Self-motivated

  • Looking for a challenge

  • Positive attitude

  • Team player

  • Community Minded

How to Apply

Please forward the following by email to info@elevateaviation.ca:

1. A 600-word essay describing:

  • The career you wish to pursue and why,

  • Any community involvement including how long you have been involved,

  • How your involvement shows initiative and innovation, 

  • The ways your efforts have strengthened others,

  • How the Elevate program will benefit you.

2. A letter of recommendation.

3. A letter of support from a community group.

4. Your academic transcript.