Become a Mentor

We are always searching for new mentors for our Mentorship Program!

If you are aviation professional employed in any career within the industry, we are looking for you! There are women all across the country, just like you, who would benefit from connecting with you.

Why become a Mentor?

Inspiration comes from many sources throughout our lives. Experience is priceless, and having someone to turn to for guidance when starting a new career is motivating and so important. We know that many of you may have already had the experience of helping someone who wanted to pursue their dream. This is your opportunity to play an important role in another woman’s life. What a great feeling – and what a great way to meet new people and remind yourself about why you chose your career in aviation in the first place.

Your role as a Mentor:

As a mentor, you are expected to talk to or meet with candidates who are interested in applying for a job in your career. Whenever possible, you will arrange for them to tour your workplace and meet with them to answer any questions they may have. As a mentor you are expected to offer guidance and advice to the candidate in a stress-free relationship. The intent of this program is for the mentor to be there for this candidate as they start in the aviation industry and to remain a support system for them throughout.


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